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Bridge Notes

This is a series of books written for advanced beginner to advanced players. They are not intended for experts, and are more reference materials than tutorial books – there are plenty of wonderful bridge books, but few comprehensive ones that are not overly complex for my target audience.

Another goal is to provide a system with less choice than most books offer. It was a source of frustration to me as a beginner to be told that I could do this or that, when I had no idea of the consequences of my choices.

The two books, Advanced Bidding and Defensive Bidding, are in contrast full of all sorts of optional or different ways of doing things. I imagine a player learning the system in Bidding Notes and getting very solid at it, gradually choosing other methods in response to their own experience.

Each book is available as web pages, and PDF files for downloading, and in EPUB format for tablets, readers, and smart phones. (See About EPUB Files below for how to use these files.)

Bidding Notes

“Bidding Notes” is notes for advancing intermediates covering SAYC and 2/1.

“Advanced Bidding” is notes for advanced intermediates covering many offensive conventions.

“Defensive Bidding” is notes for advanced intermediates covering many defensive conventions.

“Imprecise Precision” contains a version of the Precision system.Version 10 contains a substantial change to a more Meckwell-like system.

“Jarvis and Dubois Notes” contains notes for our partnership.

About EPUB files

Depending on your browser, you may need to ‘save link as’ for the epub files.

It is possible to convert each of the books to a form suitable for use on a tablet or e-reader device such as a Nook, Kindle, or smart phone. However, there is an extra step required in many cases and it depends on the nature of your device. Therefore I give here only the generic “epub” format. You can convert an epub file to a specific tablet or phone formats using Calibre, a free program. You can add a generic cover with Calibre. Kindle in particular cannot use the generic format.