This book is written for the advanced-intermediate to advanced bridge player. It is a supplement to my book, Bidding Notes.

Please note the rant in that book about not playing too many conventions. To which, we must now add:


Some of these conventions are mutually exclusive!

This volume was split from the Advanced Bidding book in order to keep the size of each more manageable. This volume contains the defensive conventions while the offensive conventions are in the other book.

These books do not get you to “expert” in bidding. Some of the conventions have many variations or followups not covered here. But this set will go a long way to making you the best non-expert bidder in your club.

Topics Covered

  • Defenses to their opening 1N

  • Escape strategies for when our 1N opener is doubled.

  • Lebensohl and Rubensohl, two related conventions for dealing with interference over our 1N opener, and which also can be used in some other competitive situations.

    These systems are much more difficult, and much more useful, than some of the more prosaic conventions. Learning them is independent from everything else.

  • Descriptions of some miscellaneous gadgets.


Some of these conventions are mutually exclusive!

Every technical book should have an index, and this one does.

In electronic manifestations of this book, there are many operable links in the text. This book is available as a PDF, as a book for electronic readers, and can be rendered into web pages.

Please see Bidding Notes for intermediate bidding, information on how to contribute, resources, acknowledgements, and a glossary.

Please see Advanced Bidding for a large number of offensive conventions.

Please see Imprecise Precision for my version of the Precision System.