This book is written for the advanced-intermediate to advanced bridge player. It is a supplement to my book, Bidding Notes.

Please note the rant in that book about not playing too many conventions. To which, we must now add:


Some of these conventions are mutually exclusive!

This work grew so large that I have separated off the defensive-related conventions into a separate document, Defensive Bidding. This volume contains the offensive conventions.

These books do not get you to “expert” in bidding. Some of the conventions have many variations or followups not covered here. But this set will go a long way to making you the best non-expert bidder in your club.

Topics Covered

  • Descriptions of many conventions and gadgets; at the least, is useful to know these when your opponents use them. Included are important chapters on checkback bids, slam bidding, notrump-related conventions, and major opening enhancements.
  • Modern practice is changing the meaning of a jump-shift not in competition. A chapter shows you other choices.
  • A chapter on playing a 12-14 no-trump opening is included for your interest.

Every book should have an index, and this one does.

In electronic manifestations of this book, there are many operable links in the text. This book is available as a PDF, as a book for electronic readers, and can be rendered into web pages.

Please see Bidding Notes (hereafter BN) for information on how to contribute, resources, acknowledgements, and a glossary.

Please see Imprecise Precision, the third book in the series, for the Precision System.