Suite 119

The resident’s association sponsors a number of activities, varying from time to time, and information about these activities is posted on the calendar in each elevator. Most of the activities take place in Suite 119. This a residence dedicated to association activities, including Board meetings. You can reserve it for your own functions by calling JoAnne Hoy at (619) 465-5068.

Outside the patio door are a shuffleboard court, a gas barbecue, a gazebo with a table and chairs, the spa, and a little herb garden. Lemons from the lemon tree can be taken from the kitchen.

You will find things in Suite 119 that may be of use to you:

  • Pads for Elevator B, needed when moving in or out.
  • A dolly and ladder you can borrow (back room).
  • The equipment for shuffleboard and the spa (closet outside back door).
  • A library of donated books. There is no formal checkout mechanism.

Recreational facilities outside Suite 119 should be used only during the hours of 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. to avoid disturbing nearby residents.


Events are posted on a calendar in the elevators. They are all in Suite 119.

  • Saturday morning is a coffee get-together. When Suite 119 is not available it is at Lightbulb Coffee on the ground floor, La Mesa Ave side. The calendar says it is at 8 am but in fact starts at least 30-40 minutes earlier. There is a $1 donation.
  • A Mah-Jong group meets on Friday afternoons, 1-3. You don’t need to know how to play.
  • Once a month on a Wednesday afternoon a group plays “Bunco”, a dice game. You don’t need to know how to play. Donation $3.
  • “After 5” is a happy hour at (what else?) 5 p.m. on Wednesdays. Bring your own drinks and a snack to share.
  • Once a month look for “Movie Night”.
  • Quite a few people walk the decks and stairs for exercise. A circuit on the long axis, not going into the side areas, is approximately one-eighth of a mile.

Other special events include:

  • The Annual Ice Cream Social, held in September. This event has been held every year since the building opened.
  • Watching the La Mesa Flag Day Parade, with refreshments, on the deck outside Suite 119. Flag Day itself is June 14.
  • Musical Evenings with our resident retired musician, Paul Rosas, when the urge strikes him.


The rules for pets are spelled out in the Rules and Regulations. Please especially observe the rules for disposal of pet waste, and do not use the standing containers.

If your front door has one of those pocket screens, be aware that your pet may be able to escape; the screen may not be fastened on the bottom, and the magnetic part is not strong.


The workroom is located on the resident parking level near the recycle bins. It contains power tools and hand tools for community use.

Contact Charlie Mucha, Unit 113, 466-1223, for liability release forms. He will give you a key and collect $10, a one-time fee. This is only available to owners, not tenants.

Other Things Nearby

Link to map of our neighborhood

Think of La Mesa Blvd and Allison Ave being on either side of our building. On the other sides, one is Von’s and the other is Spring Street. But our building is not square and doesn’t touch the places just mentioned except La Mesa Blvd, which is the side with the coffee store, Subway, etc.

Out the Lobby door, Date Avenue is to your right and Orange Avenue is to your left. Bizarrely, Orange turns left and becomes Acacia, and the short road that goes straight toward the Von’s complex dead-ends. On foot you can get into the Vons complex but not with your car. Acacia takes you out to La Mesa Blvd.

On Date Avenue, the driveway next to the Lobby slopes down to the residents’ parking garage. Then there is the Masonic Building, and then another driveway. That second driveway leads to the commercial garage; your moving van should park behind the Masonic Building near the commercial garage entrance by Elevator B.

To reach LMVP from La Mesa Blvd, you turn onto Acacia; Acacia becomes Orange as it turns right, with the little dead-end road to Vons on the left.

So, to drive to the Von’s lot, you have two choices: use Orange / Acacia to La Mesa, turn right, and eventually turn right into the Von’s lot; or use Date, turn left onto Allison, and left into the “dumpster” area and on into the lot just after the crosswalk by the library.

To get to the City library, walk up Date Ave; turn left on Allison and walk about half a block. The entrance to use is on the far side of the building.

Past the Library entrance is the Post Office. Other buildings nearby house police, fire, and city hall. Of course, you can mail letters from the lobby using the “Outgoing Mail” slots.

There are other stores and eateries on the La Mesa side and up the next few blocks to the in the direction of Spring Street where the trolley tracks are. Subway and the Trolley Deli compete for your sandwich dollar in our building. You can cross the street from our building and enjoy an adult beverage at Farmer’s Table, a busy eatery, especially on the weekends.

Going to the right on La Mesa will end you up at Starbucks, Social Security, and the Vons complex; but on foot the fast way from the lobby is up Orange and then keep going straight to the end of that little road.

The Farmer’s Market is currently Fridays 3-7 on La Mesa Blvd. Special events such as Octoberfest at the end of September are also held in the Village.

Avoid A Trolley Accident

Crossing Spring Street can be dangerous. Note that there are “Stop Here” signs – do not drive up to the light, as the gate may come down and trap you. Observe the Keep Clear signs on the pavement.

If you are on foot, pay even more attention, as the gates have a counterweight that could strike you. In particular on crossing Spring on La Mesa Blvd on the left side, you want to go around the gate to the left to get to the Walk buttons.

How To Use The Trolley and Bus

Public transit in San Diego is operated by San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) ( The main bus stops are on Allison between Date and Spring.

To use them, you need a pass. You can check out the MTS website for schedules, etc., but their explanation of the ticketing is terrible. Here’s what to do:

  • If you are a senior, first go to the service counter in Von’s and buy your first pass. It will cost $20 and you’ll get a pass good for a month. When you want to get a new pass, you put the card you have into the machine and tell it you already have a card. It will then load your new purchased passes onto your card.
  • If you are not a senior you can get the card when you buy your first monthly pass by choosing “I need a card” at the purchase kiosk, which is on our side of the station in the center. Or, you can choose to use an app they have for your smartphone.

When you get on a trolley or bus, you tap the card on a terminal before boarding.

MTS’s trip planner site is pretty good, but be aware that the time it says it is going to take is based on that very moment, and includes the time you would need to wait for the next bus or trolley. They also think it takes a walk to get to the station from 4701 Date Avenue, since they don’t know we can go out via the commercial garage near Elevator B.

Our station is on the Orange Line and is called La Mesa Blvd Station in the trip planner.

If you take the Orange line to the 12th and Imperial station (the baseball stadium), you can transfer to the Green line to go up the bay (and eventually around to Grossmont Center to meet the Orange Line again). On the map it looks like a big walk between the two lines but in fact it isn’t, maybe 30 yards.

To transfer to the Green Line, you take the Orange Line to the Grossmont Center station. To visit the businesses at Grossmont, use the elevator or stairs in the station to go up to the street level of the shopping center.

Getting Around

For destinations to the southern (Gas Lamp) part of the downtown area, and some interesting places in between, you want 94 West. You get there by going south on Spring Street. One suggested route is to head up Orange, which turns into Acacia. Cross La Mesa Blvd, go a block and turn left. At Spring Street, cross the tracks and turn right. You’ll wind down to a ramp that can take you on 94 West or 125 South (which leads via toll road to Chula Vista).

For destinations more to the north, I-8 on-ramps are to the left on Spring Street (Date Ave, right on to Allison, left onto Spring).

You can also go straight here to Center Street, which gets you to the EDCO disposal site. It is also one of several ways to go to Grossmont Center. Grossmont is a large center with Wal Mart and Target, and a movie theater.

Going left from Date onto Allison, turn right on University and left onto Baltimore for various destinations, including more I-8 ramps. Further up Baltimore you get to Lake Murray Drive. Lake Murray park is to the left, and going up to the right you eventually come to Navajo Road, with a shopping complex including Fantastic Sam, Wallgreens Drugs, and Wells Fargo Bank. The Cadabra Amazon lockers are in the store connected to the Chevron station at Navajo and Lake Murray Drive, on the left.

If you are new to San Diego, you’ll learn that many locations are informally referred to by their initials, such as IB for Imperial Beach, or CV for Chula Vista.