Management Responsibilities

La Mesa Village Plaza contains 94 residential units in the heart of La Mesa Village, 4701 Date Ave, La Mesa, CA 91942. This document contains information for current or potential unit owners and tenants.

This document is a supplement to the information you will receive in your HOA packet. Those documents will include the Rules and Regulations, which in turn depends upon the CC&Rs that the unit owner received during the purchase process.

Some things in the Rules and Regulations have become out of date, and in those cases this document says explicitly that it contradicts them.

The document has links in its electronic forms, and an index. This document has redundancies – rather than say something just once, we prefer to mention it in the place where it matters to someone looking up a topic.

This document is maintained by Paul Dubois, Unit 404. Please email him at with any corrections or suggestions.

This document is currently available at (Will move to Association website when deployed).

Thanks to everyone who has reviewed and contributed to this document.

The Board of Directors

As explained in your owner’s documents, management of the Association and the property is done by an elected Board of Directors. The Board hires a management company to carry out day-to-day management.

Meetings of the Board are open to residents. Please note these restrictions:

  • At the start of the meeting there is a time for residents to speak about items on the printed agenda for that meeting.
  • At the end of the meeting there is a time for residents to offer comments or ask questions on any topic.
  • During the meeting, residents should not participate in the discussion.

You can submit issues for the Board’s consideration through the management company.

The Board approves Architectural Change Requests (ACRs) as detailed in the Rules and Regulations. First consult our manager who can give you excellent advice on whether you need such a form, and if you do, what precedents have been established and what changes are likely to be approved.

Board Meetings are in Suite 119.

The Management Company

Management of the building is under the direction of a management company hired by, and responsible to, your Board of Directors. The management company is:

The Helm Management Company
4668 Nebo Drive
La Mesa, CA 91941
(619) 589-6222 Extension 118
(619) 466-6499 FAX

Nebo Drive is a right turn off La Mesa Blvd just before the trolley tracks. The office is less than two blocks down, on the right.

Our manager is Elizabeth Hensley (

Our maintenance man is Jose Ocampo. Please note that it is not part of his job to assist homeowners inside their units. Do not ask him to assist in moving things, carrying things, or fixing things in your unit.

Internet brokering services such as Task Rabbit ( and TAKL ( are excellent ways to hire short-term help.

Commercial and City Areas

The surrounding commercial property and the commercial garage are controlled by the manager of the commercial property. City property is controlled by the La Mesa City Council.