The Garage


There is a seven-foot height limit for vehicles entering the Residents Garage.

Opening the Gate

To open the gate coming in, use your fob or perimeter key. The keypad can also be used to call a resident’s phone, as described in Keys, Fobs and Codes. Going out, you need to pull forward enough to trip the automatic opener.

If you are exiting on foot or bicycle, there are tiny white buttons on the manual openers on the sides that operate the gate.

If the building has lost power the gate will still operate on a backup battery. If this fails, the manual opener can be used but we suggest you wait for help from the Board or first responders. It takes about a half an hour to fully open the gate by hand, and you have to be tall to reach the equipment.


Be sure to let the tow truck company know that there is a seven-foot height limit in the Residents Garage. You may wish to tell your tow truck operator how to use the keypad, and your Door Code.


Things to know about the garage:

  • Contrary to the arrows on the floor, you can drive either way. Please do observe the 5 MPH speedlimit.
  • There is no storage of any kind allowed. You may see that some leave shopping carts in their spaces but this is not currently approved.
  • There are currently no facilities for charging electric vehicles, but the Board is thinking about it.
  • There is a wall plug near the bike racks where you can plug in an air pump.


There are different places for different trash.

Ordinary Garbage

There are trash chutes located at each level in a room to the right of Elevator B.

Please note the following rules about garbage:

  • A typical medium kitchen garbage bag can be put down the trash chute – nothing bigger, please! The bag should be closed and not contain anything that might cause it to wedge itself on the way down, such as a pizza box or some long thing sticking out of the top.

  • There are small trash containers by the elevators and by the recycling bins. These are appropriate for small items only, and never for animal waste.

  • Any trash that is too big for the trash chute must be placed in the trash bins by hand. Take Elevator B to the Business (Lobby) level, exit and go to the rear of the pillar containing the elevator. There you will find two big doors with a lock you can open with your perimeter key. The bins are inside. There is a timed light switch on the interior wall next to the left of the doors. A flashlight is recommended for your first visit.

    Make sure you lock the door after using the bins.

  • There is no place for construction debris or other large amounts of trash. You must dispose of this yourself or have your contractor haul it away. See below for information on the EDCO disposal site.


On the Parking level, to the left of the door from the lobby elevator vestibule, as you enter the parking area from the elevator, there are two large bins and some smaller containers.

  • Bottles with CA redemption value go in a labeled garbage container with a hole in the top. The Association redeems these to fund activties.

  • Batteries can be placed in the container located in the Parking level trash area.

  • There is a small trash can for your convenience.

  • The two large bins are for cardboard and other recyclables (see list below). It is important to flatten all boxes, because otherwise the bins fill up before our Monday pickup. Things you can recycle are:

    Tin cans (clean!)
    Non-redeemable bottles (clean)


No plastic bags, please! No dirty cans or bottles – they attract critters, and they smell. No garbage.

Hazardous Waste and Excessive Trash

Batteries excepted, there is no place at LMVP for hazardous waste. The City of La Mesa has a hazardous waste facility located at the EDCO waste disposal site. Hazardous waste disposal needs an appointment. EDCO is the place to take large amounts of trash such as construction debris.

Our trash facilities are only large enough for the ordinary waste of 94 households. The modern trend toward package deliveries means the recycling bins are maxed out every week. Please take large amounts of any kind of trash off-site.

Thinking Outside The Box

There are ways to get rid of packing boxes. Check out these ideas from Paul Rosas and Elizabeth Hensley: