First Steps and Emergencies

Before Your Move

Before moving in, even if you are a tenant, you must notify The Helm Management Company, who will explain the use of Elevator B for moving, your responsibilities for security during the move, and the proper disposal of moving materials (see Trash).

Calling 911

Call 911 for any physical or psychiatric emergency or for the police or fire departments. Don’t worry, they can get in. The responders will use the lobby elevator.


If you call 911 on a cell phone, you will have to give them your address and unit number. Only land lines display your address to the operator.


For emergency plumbing problems call Helm at (619) 589-6222. Someone will be dispatched immediately. During business hours during the week you might also be able to find our maintenance man, Jose Ocampo, to assist.


The currently printed regulations imply that you should run to the garage to turn off the water to your unit. In fact, it is not possible for you to do this.

If you cannot stop the problem using the valves inside your unit, the water will have to be turned off to a set of units above and below you. The units are organized into “zones” of 3-4 units per floor. For non-emergency plumbing you must ask Helm to give 48 hours notice to the other affected units, if you need to turn off the water to your unit.


Turn off the breakers in your unit. If your problem is actually with the panel itself, you will have to call San Diego Gas and Electric for help.


If you have an electrical or gas emergency or if you suspect a gas leak, leave the area immediately and from a safe location call SDGE at (800) 411-7343. Call 911 if you think the building should be evacuated.

Car Problems

See Towtrucks in the chapter on the Garage. You can tell the towtruck your Door Code so that they can enter the garage by using the pound sign on the keypad, followed by your four-digit code. You must also be sure to warn them that there is a seven-foot height limit.

Exiting By Stairs

There are stairs that lead outside, besides the Lobby steps. Sets of steps lead down from the first floor to the street near the Lobby; near Elevator A; and at the end of the walkways past Elevator B.